Mount Vicious


Mount Vicious is no more.

After a year that included a stunningly successful record release, a much beleaguered 32 date US tour with a few very high moments, 2 Pacific Northwest tours and a lot of rock
We have decided to split up as a band.

With 3/5 of the band moving away, continuing on is a spotty course of action at best. Our band worked the way it did because of the unique personalities, characters and talent of each of the members and we have decided against this.

It is inconsolably harsh to be breaking up right at the time where we would normally reap some of the benefits of the very hard work we’ve done over the past year. However, life outside bands, shows and music not only exists, but has a call that must be answered.

We are all incredibly happy that we’ve created an album that documents wonderfully what this band does.
If you don’t have it, we encourage you to pick up a copy, or just play it for free at the places linked above.

To everybody we’ve played to, to the wonderful bands we’ve played with, the venues we’ve played at, to everybody that took a chance with us, had some fun and helped make this band what it was.
From the very bottom of our hearts, thank you.